A Chat with David Bordwell, Part One: On Fantasia, Academics (Not) Getting Awards, and Chris Marker

Working at Fantasia this summer, I had the chance to meet international directors, TV stars, and – briefly but memorably – celebrity academic David Bordwell. As part of the festival, Fantasia’s YouTube channel is dedicated to two-minute capsules of conversations with all the invited guests. I volunteered to be the interviewer for the David Bordwell capsule, which you can see here:

Well, that was fast. Truth is, our chat (because it was, in fact, not too long) was just under ten minutes. For the festival’s channel, there was only time to speak about Fantasia and the award he was receiving. However, I managed to sneak in a couple of questions of my own and will be uploading some highlights to my Vimeo.

The first one relates to Chris Marker, who passed away while Fantasia was on. In his honor, the festival programmers decided to host a special screening of La Jetee, and since this coincided with David Bordwell’s arrival, he was asked to introduce it. Here’s the clip where he talks a bit about Chris Marker and the continued influence of La Jetee:

More highlights, in which I selfishly ask about topics related to my own interets, to come soon!

[Part two, and part three.]


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