courses taught

Learning media studies prepares students to solve different types of problems in creative and socially engaged ways. Operating on this premise, I devise my courses so students develop both critical skills to analyze the media and technologies they interact with and creative practices to intervene in the world around them.

graduate courses

  • Emerging Media and Identity
  • Emerging Media and Identity. Elective graduate seminar.
  • Publics and Counterpublics. Elective graduate seminar.
  • Critical Approaches to Emerging Media Studies. Core graduate seminar.

undergraduate courses

  • Media Histories
  • Global Media Cultures. Upper-division seminar.
  • Critical Media Theories. Upper-division seminar.
  • Networked Identities. Upper-division seminar.
  • Reading Media Critically. Lower-division seminar.
  • Media Histories. Lower-division lecture.

To read the syllabi for any of these courses, feel free to contact me.