Networked Identities Online Course

Networked Identities: The Online Remix

Course Description.

This course addresses the construction of identity through emerging media by drawing on key concepts in feminist theory, queer theory, critical race theory, and disability studies. To engage these concepts, we focus on the notion of “the voice” as a sociopolitical construct and we analyze examples of aural media: radio, podcasts, music, and spoken word performance. Class activities and assignments will help us reflect on listening and speaking as practices of social negotiation: who gets to speak; how one is or is not heard; how institutions curtail access to representation; etc.

Course Objectives.
  • Analyze the strategies by which media shapes perceptions of the self and others.
  • Synthesize complex theories about the intersections of social identities in clear language.
  • Develop communication skills by writing for different audiences.
  • Build communities of shared interests and create media that engages broader publics.
Required Materials.
  • A computer with medium-speed internet connection
  • A voice recorder (e.g. smartphone) and headphones.
  • All required readings and listening materials linked below.

Week 1

  • Reading: Carla Kaplan, “Identity,” from Keywords for American Cultural Studies

Week 2

Part I: Voices

Week 3

Short Exercise #1

Week 4

Week 5

Short Exercise #2

Week 6

Week 7: Section Review #1

Part II: Collectivities

Week 8

Week 9

Short Exercise #3

Week 10

Week 11

Short Exercise #4

Week 12: Section Review #2

Week 13-14: Final Project