global media cultures podcast

In fall 2020 I taught my Global Media Cultures course online for the first time because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this transition, I devised a way to substitute for what would be the lecture + context portions of the class into a more accessible format for the students. During the summer I worked on creating audio recordings of conversations with the authors of the readings we’d be covering in class.

In the process, I decided to turn these recorded conversations into a podcast series that others could use in their teaching, particularly those adapting online courses with little or no advance notice. All the authors graciously agreed to have their participation edited to 45-minute episodes and shared in a public forum.

Twelve scholars in global media studies participated in the first series. Ten more scholars participated in the second series, due to be released in fall 2021.

Our conversations cover the main contributions of their article, broader context related to the subject matter, and any connections between it and other relevant events or media. The geographical focus of the articles discussed spans the globe and covers television, music, memes, films, animation, and digital platforms.

The Global Media Cultures Podcast now lives its own website, which hosts recordings, transcripts, and further resources. I hope it becomes a helpful tool for scholars, students, and media enthusiasts alike.